Residential Clients

Business Clients

I have used Polaris since 2010, and I would describe them as punctual, professional, courteous and thorough. They always respond promptly to my calls and emails following any (rare) malfunctions. I had not expected such a high level of expertise and the level of qualifications they have, nor the extent to which they could improve my current systems and demonstrate all the options available. The fact that they can monitor and assist remotely is particularly helpful, and means that any problems can be fixed quickly. Jon setup wireless boosters for us to enable proper internet access throughout a large sixteenth century house and barn. We had previously used remote internet companies for support but the fact that Jon has set up the system in the house means he has first hand knowledge of the practical issues at hand, which is obviously a big help. Jon was certainly very knowledgeable.
Residential Client, East Sussex  

I have known Jon at Polaris now for the past two years. The support and advice I have received has been excellent. It is a comfort to know with just a phone call away a solution can be found immediately to any IT issues we may have. Before this we used other companies that proved to be not as efficient and more expensive. So finding Polaris has been a breath of fresh air. The customer service they provide us is second to none. I would have no hesitation to recommend Polaris to anyone (and I have) to overcome or give support with any IT issues whether in their workplace or home.
Anthony Bird, APC (East Kent) Ltd. 

After 20 years of working on PCs, I switched to a MacBook Pro 18 months ago and would not have been able to manage it without Jon's calm skill and assistance.  Indeed, I'd already had the brand new Mac for several months but had not been able to figure out how to transfer all the files and settings across from my old computer.  My laptop is an absolutely vital tool for my job and Jon was able to help me through the transition with a minimum of downtime.  When a problem surfaced with the Mac earlier this year, again Jon responded immediately and was able to resolve it quickly and with a minimum of fuss.  He is very professional, inspires confidence, and is generous with his knowledge.
M Hatchwell, Kent 

We have worked with Jon for several years and have always been impressed with his IT knowledge, he is an “IT Wizard”! He is always conscientious, understands our requirements, and has helped improve our office efficiency. I would not hesitate in recommending Polaris Networks to anyone needing IT help and advice.
Trevor Harris, Lordship Stud Ltd.


I have had the pleasure of working with Polaris Networks since 2009, during which time I have found their service to be impeccably efficient, courteous and professional. As is the case with most working people, I rely heavily on internet access to provide me with my essential research and communications, but as a sole trader I do not have the backup of a company IT department to resolve problems as they arise. This makes Polaris an essential utility for my professional life. Having their backup and expertise removes all anxiety of technical problems, and having the added advantage of their 'remote access' system means that I do not even have to be at my desk for them to check potential problems and issues. Polaris have been extremely helpful with advice when upgrading and changing equipment and systems. Their patience, support and reassurance has been absolutely invaluable and gives me the reassurance and confidence I need to work in any number of locations, both in the UK and abroad in the full knowledge that I will always be in contact with everything I need for my working life.
Deborah Grossman, London 


I have been with Polaris Networks since 2010. I would describe them as excellent and personal. It’s great that Jon assists without using too much technical jargon, and I particularly like the fact that Polaris gives the same amount of attention to small clients as they do to larger clients. This is not the case with some other suppliers I have worked with. They have good technological knowledge and fair pricing, and are good at simplifying some aspects of using the computer. I am pleased with the automated backup that Jon setup for me, which is valuable. I found Polaris Networks because they were recommended to me by Bang & Olufsen, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
Brian Powell, Kent 


I have known Jon a number of years and can thoroughly endorse the professional service that he and Polaris Networks provides.  His knowledge of the IT market is first class and his ability to understand and identify my specific needs has resulted in a network system that is easy to maintain with the re-assurance of Polaris Networks providing backup by remote access without delay.
Lord Phillimore, London


I have worked with Jon since 2003. I would describe the service I have received as immaculate. Before working with Polaris I believed that this was an industry in its infancy, and that as such IT servicing companies could take the liberty of making up solutions and services as they went along. Since using Polaris, not only has technology become more reliable but I understand now that each new development is increasingly a re-iteration of what has gone before. I am impressed with the way that Polaris quickly adapts to these new technologies, in particular the significance of the iPad as the device of choice for many in my type of business. I particularly find valuable the fact that Polaris can remotely access my computer in order to diagnose problems, which is an enormous step forward. Since using the services of Polaris I certainly panic a lot less than I used to when there is an issue with my IT!
Lord David Puttnam, London


In the eight years we have worked with Jon we have always found the Polaris service efficient, helpful and friendly. From the simplest to the most complex issues, Polaris Networks have resolved our problems every time. Other IT service companies had proved too complicated for us offering systems beyond our needs or capability. But the systems offered by Polaris are tailored for us personally and are therefore very user friendly. We couldn’t ask for more. As we travel a great deal the most valuable part of Polaris’ service is their ability to work with us wherever we are in the world. I really appreciate the personal service Polaris offers and I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone in need of IT help. 
Sue Bidwill, London